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This is a excerpt from a great post about innovation posted on the Hub Magazine. Read full article here. No images this time, but worth the read. Enjoy. It is a interview and all the members of the interview are listed below.

Truly breakthrough ideas are both easier and harder to come by.

How should innovators think about consumers?
Deborah Conrad: Innovation is about presenting information in a way that’s easy for consumers. Several years ago, marketers had a push mentality, where we were shouting from the highest building and hoping that consumers would sort it all out themselves.
Digital and social media now give us the ability to offer different solutions to consumers when and where they need them. So, it’s about using that innovative platform and not just relying on things like television ads. There’s a real intersection between the consumer searching for solutions and our opportunity to get them excited about what we have to offer.
Tony Post: The best innovators live the consumer experience directly, along with their peers and friends. We really stress that kind of connection to the user at Vibram. We spend a lot of time trying to understand how people engage with our products on Facebook, as well as on the various review sites. We also encourage our people to spend a lot of time in the field, working at a store, or just spending a couple hours in a store, and talking to consumers.
We’re also going to open our first store in Boston to help us engage with our consumers. It won’t make a big difference in our revenue, but everyone at Vibram will be able to spend time working there, talking with consumers and getting ideas.

Read the full article here.
DEBORAH CONRAD is chief marketing officer at Intel Corporation, responsible for brand management, product positioning and launch, market research, as well as sales and integrated marketing worldwide.
TONY POST is president and chief executive officer of Vibram USA, having transformed the company from a leading branded component supplier into a pioneer in the burgeoning minimalist footwear market.
RALPH SANTANA is senior vice president and chief marketing officer for Samsung N.A., responsible for the brand marketing, digital marketing, market intelligence and product innovation teams.
ROBERT WOLCOTT is the executive director of the Kellogg Innovation Network and a senior lecturer of entrepreneurship and innovation at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University.
BETH ANN KAMINKOW is president and chief executive officer of TracyLocke. A strong advocate of insights-inspired marketing programs, she is a pioneer in strategic-planning research methodologies.